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Nana is 100


On a personal note…

Steve-Nana My family and I have returned home from a very special visit to Adelaide, South Australia – my home town.

The purpose for the trip was to help my grandmother Phyllis Schapel to celebrate her 100th birthday, on 10th January.

Of course it was a very family-oriented affair. Wonderful to catch up with immediate family, cousins and extended family members, many of whom I hadn’t seen for many years.

And of course to spend some time with my Nana.  She’s a great lady, always know for her sharp wit.  Here are a few of her birthday quips I will remember:

Looking across the room at my wife Susan, she turns to me and says…

“She’s too young to have you for a husband!”

(Of course I should have commented back about a certain person being old enough to have me for a grandson, but I wasn’t quick enough – too busy laughing!)

The congratulatory letter from the Queen has been read, the candles are lit, the assembled throng are on the verge of singing Happy Birthday, and Nana says…

“Who paid for this cake?”

Witnessed this interchange…

Nurse: “To what do you owe your long life?”
Nana: “Good, clean living.”

Nana: “Hey, I didn’t say I was perfect!”

And another…

Somebody: “All set for another 100 years?”
Nana: “Well, I’ll definitely be around for part of it.”

My daughter Hazel has posted here about it.  All in all, a pretty memorable experience.

So, what do you think ?