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SharePoint Book Recommendation


Ishai Sagi’s new book

IshaiSharepoint SharePoint MVP Ishai Sagi has recently published a brand new book about SharePoint 2007.

In a word – masterful.  Congratulations, Ishai, on a great contribution!

The author is careful to point out that the book is not targeted to the technical end of the spectrum – the professional SharePoint developers and administrators.

Perfect! There are lots of books, and other resources, that make the assumption that you already know stuff, and jump right in to the intermediate or advanced level.

No, this is for the user.  Well, in a sense, the author misses slightly here. He forgot to mention those who don’t necessarily work directly with SharePoint, but work with technologies that can integrate closely with SharePoint.  Like (ahem) Access developers, for example.

So really, it’s for people who need a good, solid, overview understanding of SharePoint. Terminology, concepts, functionality.  In my experience, there was a big gap for this type of book, and Ishai has filled it superbly.

Here’s the first sentence in Chapter 1:

SharePoint is a platform that allows users to build websites.

That’s what I like… start at the beginning, and move on up from there.

Not that it’s all on the basic level. By the time we get to page 341 we’ve covered some pretty meaty topics.

I have learned heaps from this book, and will continue to do so as I explore it more thoroughly. Just what I needed for my present stage of SharePoint knowledge and skill.

I have no criticisms at all. It is nicely written, in a very readable style. Very well organised. Excellently illustrated. Highly recommended.

So, what do you think ?