08 July 2009

Real World Access (41)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

 Roger Carlson's Training Registration

classroom Several years ago, Spectrum Health, the largest hospital system in out-state Michigan, changed its Hospital Information Management system.

Since they employ over 12,000 people, scheduling the training for those employees in the dozen or so modules the HIM offered was a challenge.  They needed an application to schedule people, courses, and classrooms; and they needed it quickly.

Each course had multiple sessions, each of which could be scheduled in one of many classrooms.  Each course could have only one teacher, but multiple teaching assistants assigned to it.  Naturally, each course could also have multiple students assigned to it, up to a maximum, which varied based on the classroom to which it was assigned.

The application had to be able to:

  • create courses and sessions;
  • assign sessions to classrooms;
  • assign teachers, assistants, and students to each session.

It had to keep track of:

  • the seats assigned;
  • the maximum seating;
  • who had attended the course;
  • who had completed the course;
  • create session rosters;
  • create certificates of completion.

With Access, I created the database application in under a week's time, and it worked so well, they ended using it for several more projects.  All they had to do was copy it, wipe the data, and start over.  It was generic enough to be used for most any training initiative.

You can see a working copy here.


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