03 January 2008

Real World Access (33)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

 Dave Hargis's WIA Database

  This Access application was written to support the United States Workforce Investment Act.  This law provide for training and assistance for people having difficulty obtaining employment.

The law requires specific reporting on these people.  The reporting goes from the entity providing services to the state.  The state combines reports from all providers and reports to the federal government.

In addition to the reporting requirements, this application provides for gathering extensive demographic information on applicants and tracking the outcome of services provided.

The State of Oregon requires that the reporting be done in FoxPro dbf files.  The reporting consisted of transforming the data into the required format, zipping the dbf files, and emailing them to the state.

It is a multi user application with about 50 users, but no more than about 10 would be using the database concurrently.

It consists of 124 tables, 90 forms (some of which are used as subforms), 130 reports, and 310 queries.


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