21 May 2007

Real World Access (26)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

 Al Campagna's Commercial Weaving

An application designed to control, track, and evaluate all aspects of fabric manufacturing, in a modern weaving facility with 34 mechanized looms.

The Weaving System application handles all aspects of a modern commercial weaving process, from raw material to finished product.

Due to the application’s large size (172 Forms, 170 Reports, 67 Tables), it now occupies three individual front ends (Sales, Production, and Archiving) and two individual back end databases (Sales, Production).

The Sales module provides the ability to track, quantify, and evaluate Sales, Fabric Products and Styles, Raw Material usage and prediction, Fabric Inventory (with Bar Coding), and Shipping and Receiving.

Remote sales personnel can access the system to determine current stock levels, quote product pricing, and determine delivery schedules.

The Production module monitors and evaluates the production process. Automating complicated calculations necessary for Loom Setup, monitoring Yarn Usage, Weaver and Loom performance, Loom Maintenance/Repair/Labor and Parts, Grading, Inspection, and Quality Control.

All aspects of the Weaving System are fully ISO 9001:2000 compliant.

The application provides the client with the ability to accurately monitor, control, and evaluate the commercial weaving processes, through a combination of “real time” and “historical” data.


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