02 June 2006

Real World Access (17)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

John Viescas's projects

Some of my more interesting projects:

1) Golf tournament scheduling database for the Guadalmina Golf Club, Malaga, Spain - includes automatic calculation for each type of tournament based on dynamic input parameters and course slope.

2) Property appraisal database for a company in Iowa.  Includes ability to import new property records from the counties of interest.  (Each county keeps track of different data in different formats.)

3) Customer support database (actually, one of my sons built this with my help) to handle 100+ simultaneous users (call center support personnel) with unbound forms and local report tables.

4) Sales, ordering, and inventory control database for a marine diesel repair and parts sales shop in the Seattle area.

5) Flood hazard determination tracking database for mortgage applications. Includes remote workers who use Replication to synchronize their daily work with the master file at the end of each workday.

6) Police K9 event tracking system - includes "encounters" with perps as well as periodic training and dog medical records.  In use by Las Vegas PD, Tampa PD, and several others.  Written in Access 97 with custom "replication" of data collected on laptops in police vehicles to central records store and reporting database.

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