26 May 2006

Real World Access (3)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

Allen Browne's roofing manufacturing

Currently working on a good sized project to automate a factory that produces metal trusses, purlins, studs, etc. for roofing. They want to key the client's order into the Access database, have it send the correct information to the programmable logic controller for the correct machine to manufacture each part, and have the part rolled, cut, punched, notched, and printed ready for the client to pick up, without operators setting up the machines.

The interface involves:

  • A main form to enter the client order;

  • A subform for the parts in the order;

  • A related subform for the holes to be punched in the selected part.

  • A 3rd subform that gives a quasi-graphical view of the part, allowing the user to verify the absolute and relative distances are right before they click a button to set it to the machine.

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