29 May 2006

Real World Access (12)

One of a series of articles about where Microsoft Office Access applications have found a real-world niche.

Ken Snell's retailers

Point-Of-Sale Database for retail stores. Handles parts inventory (including parts that have unique serial numbers associated with each item, e.g., electronic equipment, cameras), customer orders, work orders, quotes for business opportunities, purchase orders, automatic backordering and followup invoicing for backordered parts, accounts receivable (customer payments, customer statements, customer credits), reporting of sales tax amounts, profit margin reports for individual parts and for product groups, inventory valuations, "customer memberships" (e.g., "Preferred Customer Club"), archive copies of all orders and quotes, accounting reports (sales tax collections, invoice register, "end-of-day" cash flow and income/sales), inventory count sheets (to do physical inventory of some / all parts), and gift cards/certificates. Used in multiuser situations via split Frontend/Backend on local network. Current customers range from photography services ($50 - $100K per year in sales), to wholesale/retail distributor of hydraulic parts ($4M per year in sales).

(Someday, soon I hope, it will also do accounts payable. It's possible to do accounts payable with the current database, but it requires one to use accounts receivable in "reverse", which isn't too intuitive for many users.)

The Database also serves as an employee time clock, and can produce various time clock reports to show hours worked by employee, by job, by task, etc.

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